At PPG Scandinavia, we think that the ongoing training of our customers’ employees contributes to their being able to achieve their financial and business targets.  The idea is that up-to-date and exhaustive knowledge of new materials and machining techniques is crucial for running a profitable business in a very competitive market.

With an innovative approach and great knowledge of the entire repairs process, PPG Scandinavia’s experienced instructors can ensure that you as a customer obtain the latest knowledge of the market and also train you to use the correct tools for optimising your company’s earnings.

Focus on optimisation

In addition to training in the latest repairs techniques, we can also offer training in central topics such as finance, safety and workshop optimisation. That is why we use the latest LEAN principles among other things to ensure that our customers have the best ballast for day-to-day operations at their companies. The courses are held within the best conceivable framework at our training centres in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

You can read more about our training programmes on the specific brand pages for PPG and Nexa Autocolor