PPG Scandinavia

PPG Scandinavia is part of PPG Industries, which is one of the market’s leading global suppliers of OEM finishes for car manufacturers and refinishes for the car repair industry.

PPG Scandinavia has more than 40 employees within sales, marketing, technical support, logistics and inventories, and operates in all of the Scandinavian countries as well as Estonia and Iceland. Our products are sold both directly to the product users and via a large network of competent distributors

At PPG Scandinavia, we focus on helping our customers to achieve a more profitable business. For it is only if we are sure that our customers’ businesses are running as optimally as possible that we have created the basis for mutual success.  That is why we enter into a partnership with our customers in which we work in a goal-oriented way to ensure that our customers have the most efficient processes and the best possible work flow within their company – regardless of whether it is an automotive paint shop or lighter industrial finishing.