PPG World Wide

PPG stands for Pittsburgh Plate & Glass. Our company’s history starts back in 1883, when the company was founded in Pittsburgh (USA) by John B. Ford and John Pitcairn, and PPG’s head office can still be found in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania today. 

From then until now, the company has been in a state of rapid development and has since become one of the world’s foremost producers of paint, finishes and coatings for a wide range of segments.

Global and specialised

In the last 10 years, PPG industries has evolved from a North American company to a global giant revolving around local brands, employees, offices and factories. The overall strategy in recent years has shifted towards a clear focus on paint, finishes and coatings, whereas before the focus was also on chemical and optical products.

This specialisation benefits our customers as it means that we have far more resources for product development within each product area.


PPG Industries now has a presence in more than 70 countries and has more than 43,000 employees. In 2013, PPG Industries’ net revenue was USD 15.1 billion, and with more than 150 production sites globally, new technology and products are always being developed.

PPG Industries now delivers products to a number of different markets such as e.g. industry, construction and the consumer and transport market. In coming years, our ambition is to maintain and develop our position as one of the world’s foremost companies within paint, finishes and coatings with a view to also ensuring our customers’ future success.

You can read more about PPG Industries on PPG Industries’ English website.