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PPG Scandinavia markets and sells four leading brands in Scandinavia, Estonia and Iceland.

PPG, Nexa Autocolor and Max Meyer are three complete product lines for both private cars and commercial vehicles. The fourth product line is Selemix, which was developed for finishing items within the lighter industry.

At PPG Scandinavia, we work in a goal-oriented way by making our product range as easy to use as possible. A good example of this is that you can use the same hardener for all our main product groups. This means that those who use PPG’s products can get away with minimal stocks. The compact product range is also easy to use, which minimises the risk of errors in production.

Increasing productivity and earnings

PPG also has one of the market’s biggest colour variant databases, which means that colour matching using our products is among the best on the market. The product lines also contain a number of unique products, which means that production is optimised to the benefit of both productivity and earnings.  

In combination with the product lines PPG and Nexa Autocolor, you can also use ProcessManager, which is a unique process optimisation tool that removes almost all paperwork and gives a complete overview of the production flow, earnings and costs of an automotive paint shop. The system also contains an option for connecting inventory management with automatic reordering. You can read more about ProcessManager on ProcessManager’s own website.

For more information about our four brands, visit their websites by clicking on Brand and the language you would like under “Our Brands”..